The Razor's Edge

[Holgraht and Razor are laying low at Razor’s Place. Meanwhile, the whole city is abuzz about the murder of city councilman Septimus Gizzard’s nephew.]

Latest News on the Half-Orc Murders

One of five guards that were brutally slaughtered by a wretched Dwarf and the stenching hands of a filthy half-orc in the newly discovered complex below the southern lighthouse, Porphus Gizzard leaves behind a young wife and two small children. Vowing swift and merciless judgment, Lord Elric himself has put up the reward for information leading to their capture. Bands of vigilantes have taken to the streets looking to cash in on the reward. Vocal members of the Dwarven community have called for restraint following the senseless beatings of a few innocent working dwarves who had the misfortune of running across a few of these overzealous groups. No such calls for restraint have been issued against beating half-orcs.

What thoughts go through the minds of half-orcs and dwarves who are mere footsteps away from the gallows? For this newsman, all I can say is that I hope they swing.

When I first made their acquaintance a few days ago, I could smell the stink of murder and death upon their breath. Keen of eye, I sensed that these two were mindless cuththroat villains of the worst sort. Because I dared to speak my conscience and report the truth in response to some of their questions, they damn near killed me for it. Were it not for my swiftness of foot, I probably would have been left to bleed out upon the floor of some back-alley myself.
Your Best Source for News…The Wyyvern’s Pub…Just ask for Hojji

[Purple dot indicates location of Razor’s flat. Closeup view indicates number of floors of each indicated building. The yellow dot indicates the location of the drunken man sleeping off a bender in a doorway.]

[Made of cheaply constructed wooden frames, the nonstructural walls of these poorly made homes and businesses are covered with whitewashed dried mud and straw plastered over separating walls constructed of reeds and sticks. With sturdy wood floors, thickly thatched roofs and well constructed staircases to upper floors, it is a miracle that these row-houses have not been torn down and condemned. It is firmly believed that the bug infestations within these buildings will ultimately lead to their collapse.]



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