Wanted…a few not-so-good men

In the morning, Neji left Razor’s to take care of seeing her uncle off from the city and Mellenessa went down to the jail to check in on Kyras. Shortly thereafter, Sir Lassiter Buffelbak arrived and agreed to drop all charges against Kyras in exchange for a signed confession and all of his coin. Razor and Holgraht kept a low profile at Razor’s place in the Muckbottom, resting and tending their wounds from the previous night’s conflict.

Later in the afternoon, Razor’s flat-mates, Felix and Rasputin burst in and let them know the bad news. It turns out that one of the guards from last night’s encounter managed to survive.

Wanted poster

Posters are going up all around the city, especially at the internal and external gates and guard stations, as well as the taverns and pubs.




First Rule of Role-Playing:
Your actions, and/or your inaction, will have either no consequences, minor consequences or major consequences. You do not exist within a static world created only for your amusement.


Thanks Rick whats the next thousand.
Just kidding but if thats the first then what is the second really


Second Rule of Role-Playing:
In the city, being the first to draw your blade usually means you are the last to use your mind…and the first to reach the hangman’s noose is not the winner. Think first. Slice and dice only if you have to.


good points!


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