Thieves and Murderers Unite

Managing to slip away from the guards surrounding them, Holgraht and Razor made their way by rowboat, under cover of darkness, to Farland’s ruins and managed to get below ground to the smuggler’s cave. Gathering with Mellenessa, Kyras and Neji, they were surprised to learn of an apparent plot to frame Mellenessa and Kyras for robbing Fulgrum’s Bank. A while later, things were somewhat cleared up by the arrival of Elrond and his friends Gruel Falx and Theodore Dobbins who explained the reasoning behind the frame-up for the bank robbery.

It was explained that Aryani’s Tear, fortuitously ‘found’ by Gruel Falx, was one of seven powerful keys that could release the bound goddess of the dark elves. Likewise, they learned that Jakk’al Simm-ral, or Jakk Dreadnaut, was a dark elf prince who had been seeking the seven stones in order to release this goddess. Unable to achieve his goals over the years of his lifetime, Jakk’al sought to extend his years by means wicked and foul and his death 300 years ago was but a ruse. He fell into the sea and has remained in his chrysalis stage for these many years, but the prophecies of his return are beginning to be fulfilled. In order to learn more of the three tears that are still hidden away, our party of misfit ‘thieves’ and murderers were sent to find the Blind Witch of Agrul-Vah. In the meantime, the tear of Kyras’ is being held and hidden from Jakk’als sight by Mr. Falx. Likewise, Gruel is heading north to create the appearance that our party is headed northward in order to fool the eyes and minions of the dark prince.
[Other than these basic facts, I leave you to your memories and your own devices…do not depend on your GM to keep your notes and papers for you.]

Gathering enough supplies for traveling to Hooknose Cay and further south to the ruins of Agrul-Vah, our intrepid adventurers set out for parts south to locate the blind witch.

Fulgrum's Bank Robbed

Last evening Fulgrum’s Bank was robbed at Wizard point. A female elvish wizard, known only as ‘Mellenessa,’ and accompanied by a red-headed elf, identified as Kyras Eiher-Dho’ruil, walked into Fulgrum’s Bank and, by means of enchantment, demanded all of the platinum coins being held in the vault. Bank employees were unable to refuse the wizard’s demands and loaded up a cart that had been parked outside with most of the platinum coin held by the bank. The employees reported that the dwarf and half-orc murderers of Porphus Gizzard, and five other city guards, were also involved in the robbery. Nonetheless, authorities believe this may have been some sort of ruse as the two scumbag killers were pinned down and nearly apprehended in the Muckbottom at the exact same time as the robbery. Reports at this time that Kyras Eiher-Dho’ruil is related to the noble Elvish family of the Welkwood are unconfirmed. Investigation continues.

Thanks to the quick actions of the bank employees and the lightening response time of WatersDeep’s heroic guards, the thieves were stopped before they could make a clean get-away. Most of the platinum was recovered just down the street after a short chase and the criminals only managed to escape with a few hundred platinum coins of the realm. Investigators are currently working with sketch artists in the creation of reward posters.

Councilman, Sir Lassiter Buffelback, again decried the “rank incompetence” of the guard’s leadership, laying blame at the feet of Jamison Witherstaff, son of city councilman Sir Anthum Witherstaff, for “another strange escape” of vicious criminals. “I have nothing but the utmost and highest respect for our heroic men in uniform. As everybody knows, I served briefly as a guard myself when I was younger and I know the long hours of dedication, training, hard work and sacrifice these young men make. But again, a soldier can only be as effective as those in leadership train them to be, and clearly, there has been a dismal failure of leadership in this situation.” Councilman Buffelback has put up the reward money for the capture of those involved.

Councilman Witherstaff and Captain Jamison have, thus far, refused to comment on the matter, citing the fact that “it is an ongoing investigation.”
-Your best source for News, The Wyvvern’s Pub…just ask for Hojji.

Murderous Scum Escape

Despite having been surrounded by city guards, the worthless dwarf and filthy half-orc murderers of Porphus Gizzard, and four other Heroic guards of WatersDeep managed to escape. Butchering another guard in an alley of the MuckBottom, it is unclear how they managed to slip away from all the guard patrols. City councilman, Sir Lassiter Buffelback has called for an investigation into what he calls “the rank incompetence,” of the guard captain, Jamison Witherstaff, son of city councilman Sir Anthum Witherstaff. “They had those scumbags completely surrounded and there was no way they should have slipped through their grasp so easily. I have no interest in levying empty accusations of wrongdoing against anyone, but we need to explore the very real possibility of whether there were, perhaps, payoffs involved in this whole fiasco.” Investigation continues into the connections between the murderers and their apparent involvement with the robbery of Fulgrum’s Bank.

Councilman Buffelback was quick to point out that he had donated a full day of profits from his business ventures to assist the poor, grieving widow of Porphus Gizzard and the families of the other guards who lost their lives. “In addition, I am calling upon all council members to join me in donating to the Reward fund for the capture of these low-lifes.”
-Your best source for News, The Wyvvern’s Pub…just ask for Hojji.

The Razor's Edge

[Holgraht and Razor are laying low at Razor’s Place. Meanwhile, the whole city is abuzz about the murder of city councilman Septimus Gizzard’s nephew.]

Latest News on the Half-Orc Murders

One of five guards that were brutally slaughtered by a wretched Dwarf and the stenching hands of a filthy half-orc in the newly discovered complex below the southern lighthouse, Porphus Gizzard leaves behind a young wife and two small children. Vowing swift and merciless judgment, Lord Elric himself has put up the reward for information leading to their capture. Bands of vigilantes have taken to the streets looking to cash in on the reward. Vocal members of the Dwarven community have called for restraint following the senseless beatings of a few innocent working dwarves who had the misfortune of running across a few of these overzealous groups. No such calls for restraint have been issued against beating half-orcs.

What thoughts go through the minds of half-orcs and dwarves who are mere footsteps away from the gallows? For this newsman, all I can say is that I hope they swing.

When I first made their acquaintance a few days ago, I could smell the stink of murder and death upon their breath. Keen of eye, I sensed that these two were mindless cuththroat villains of the worst sort. Because I dared to speak my conscience and report the truth in response to some of their questions, they damn near killed me for it. Were it not for my swiftness of foot, I probably would have been left to bleed out upon the floor of some back-alley myself.
Your Best Source for News…The Wyyvern’s Pub…Just ask for Hojji

[Purple dot indicates location of Razor’s flat. Closeup view indicates number of floors of each indicated building. The yellow dot indicates the location of the drunken man sleeping off a bender in a doorway.]

[Made of cheaply constructed wooden frames, the nonstructural walls of these poorly made homes and businesses are covered with whitewashed dried mud and straw plastered over separating walls constructed of reeds and sticks. With sturdy wood floors, thickly thatched roofs and well constructed staircases to upper floors, it is a miracle that these row-houses have not been torn down and condemned. It is firmly believed that the bug infestations within these buildings will ultimately lead to their collapse.]


Wanted…a few not-so-good men

In the morning, Neji left Razor’s to take care of seeing her uncle off from the city and Mellenessa went down to the jail to check in on Kyras. Shortly thereafter, Sir Lassiter Buffelbak arrived and agreed to drop all charges against Kyras in exchange for a signed confession and all of his coin. Razor and Holgraht kept a low profile at Razor’s place in the Muckbottom, resting and tending their wounds from the previous night’s conflict.

Later in the afternoon, Razor’s flat-mates, Felix and Rasputin burst in and let them know the bad news. It turns out that one of the guards from last night’s encounter managed to survive.

Wanted poster

Posters are going up all around the city, especially at the internal and external gates and guard stations, as well as the taverns and pubs.

House of Elrond

House of Elrond

Sage and reputed Magus, specializing in ancient history and arcane items.
Elrond Also has the privilege of sitting on the city council. He charges 35 GP for identification and elucidation on items of minor arcane power.

WatersDeep: Happenings
In and about the city

Will the city of WatersDeep give up her secrets?
…or will you find yourself face down in the gutter, with some street urchin skittering away with your coin?


Arriving from the village of Gnob, our red-headed half-elf Kyras was hot on the trail of Gruel and Theodore. Curious as hell about “a red-headed elf” Neji followed him into the city. Forgetting all about her uncle in favor of putting food in her belly, she followed Kyras to the Wyvverns pub, but not before some snot-nosed street urchin liberated her from her coin. New to the city as well, and recognizing Kyras from her her homeland, Mellenessa joined him for their afternoon meal as Neji wandered in a minute or so later, curious as to what was going on, but, alas, having been robbed, she lacked any coin for her meal. Having been on the lookout for easy prey, the half-orc, Razor Bludgullet, hidden deep in his cloak, followed this red-headed oddity into the pub on the off chance he could grab some easy coin. Sitting at the counter, Hulgraht Ochervane sat observing the comings and goings of the various patrons as he dined.

The Missing Mason

A short while later, Wyyvern employee Hojji arrived and announced the afternoon news. One item of interest was the disappearance of stonemason Gillum Keepwatch, who vanished from his jobsite while working on the southern lighthouse, performing repairs caused by the high winds of the most recent hurricane. Greasing his palm, our party got some more details and eventually went on their way to locate his wife Molson to inquire of any more details and the reward. Prior to going on their way, Kyras spoke with the owner to inquire if he had any knowledge of Gruel and Theodore. Famous around these parts, they were advised that he hadn’t seen them in nearly a month. Speaking with Hojji about the same, it quickly became obvious that the truth of the matter was a bit different than what they were trying to make it seem. Yanking him up behind a closed door, Hojji quickly admitted it had only been a couple of days, but that he had no idea where the pair might be.

Traveling down to Gillum’s house, next door to the mason’s guild, the party made the acquaintance of his wife Molson. Other than confirming that he was “a good provider,” who was a bit of a philanderer, they learned little more than they had heard from Hojji. Promised a rewarde of 225 gp, the party went on their way as the sun was beginning to sink on the horizon. Poking around the normally busy, now deserted area around the lighthouse, the party eventually located a secret staircase carved into the rock beneath a rolling boulder and they struck torches and descended.

The steps dropped steeply and winding away until the party came to a landing. Stepping out into the hallway, Kyras was able to nimbly jump away as the floor pivoted beneath him. A moaning and dehydrated Gillum lay at the bottom of the pit. He explained that he had found the entrance a few days prior and gathered a little gear to explore the place when he came down the steps and the floor gave way. Explaining that he believed the place to be one of Dreadnaut’s lairs, he demanded to go along for his “fair share.” In no condition for exploring the caverns, they carried him home and collected their reward, intending to return early the next morning before the light of day to explore the passages below the lighthouse.

Show me the money

Arriving just before the masons early in the morning, they made their way below. Exploring the dusty, long deserted barracks and rooms, the party found an old sea chest. Inside, they located a fine rapier and a piece of parchment which appeared to display some sort of lock mechanism which was tucked inside a pouch containing a number of fine gold coins.

Walking into the barracks area, the party was surprised to come upon a giant spider which they began to attack. In their haste to deal with the threat before them, it came to most of them as a great surprise that there was a second spider approaching from behind. Hulgraht took a vicious bite, but the party was able to quickly dispatch both of the arachnids and they continued on their way.

In the ancient pantry area, two large swarms of rats hungrily rushed towards them. Again, our intrepid adventurers successfully won the day. Finding an old armory, they located a number of decent weapons that were still in resale condition which they loaded up and carried away.
having found everything of interest they emerged from below only to be seen by all of the masons working on the lighthouse, and Gillum’s rescue and the party’s find quickly became the news of the day.


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