Watersdeep title2

…a frothy spittle rattled bloody from his coal-black throat, coloring the grimy, wooden sea-plank floor in crimson spray. “A curse…” he sputtered, as he coughed his ruddy dead-man’s gore into the depths of the deep dark sea. “First my peace…" he seemed to whisper in a far-off stare, "and then the blackness,” he continued in a roar…and then Jakk Dreadnaut tumbled from his ship and was no more.

That was nearly 300 years ago. Since that time, the Western March has been all but tamed. Times of hardship, famine and war have long since passed, and WatersDeep glistens like a dusky jewel upon the shores of Leviathan Sea.

In the veiled blackness of the night, however, whispered remnants of times long past echo down the alley-ways and children are found white-knuckled, dead from fright, upon their beds. On nights like these some say that “Saucy Jakk,” has returned to keep his word…and more than one man has returned shaking from the sea, claiming they had seen Jakk’s ghostly ship, the “Kutter Shay.” Most folks around WatersDeep just chalk these things up as too many flagons of ale.

…but then there is the former commander of the royal navy who claimed such a sight who now merely wanders the docks mumbling over and over, “Down in the depths of the deep dark sea, the dark deep sea doth see.”


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